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My name is Chris Howard and most people know me as the bestselling author who built the largest personal and professional development company in more than one country in the world and who did over 100 million dollars in global sales of his products and services world wide.  I’d prefer you to just consider me a friend.


I’m really thrilled to share with you something brand new, which is guaranteed to ROCK YOUR WORLD!


You may be in a place in your life where things are working great, but you’re ready to kick it up to the next level – or you could be in a place where nothing seems to be working and you’re desperate to transform your emotions, your career or your finances. In any case…


You have come to the right place!


There’s a huge problem right now, and that is that our school systems are not keeping up with a rapidly evolving world.  Students are no longer being prepared for the world of today.  With outsourcing and downsizing – the educational system is virtually irrelevant.


There is a wave that’s sweeping around the planet right now with more, and more, and more people realizing that the security they were once taught to find in a job no longer exists, and as a result you are actively seeking ways to take charge of your own future; To build a business that you love; to grow it to the max and make a difference in a world that appears at times to be chaotic.


Additionally when we look to every corner of the earth, there are people who don’t even have the standard of education that you have!  And one HAS to wonder: what effect does that fact have on their individual spiritual, emotional, and financial destinies?!


And so it’s for that reason that Rock House has launched The Wealth Propulsion Challenge!





As a direct result of Chris’s unique approach, I have restructured my entire business and lifestyle. I now no longer feel overwhelmed. Every skill learned and applied compounds the results I see. I have profited as much as $600,000 in a single day and have seen a net result of more than $2 million.



Phil Anderson, Former Mr. Australia, Owner

of Five Star Fitness Centers

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business professional, The Wealth Propulsion Challenge is for you.  In The Wealth Propulsion 30-Day Challenge you will have the opportunity to revolutionize your business and your life – to make more money than you’ve ever dreamed and to have as much time prosperity as you can handle.


If you’re a coach, educator, parent or therapist, The Wealth Propulsion Challenge is definitely for you.  In this program you will learn some of the finest tools, technologies and mindsets to help you bring out the absolute best in others and to propel your own career to the stratosphere!


If you’re a leader in any capacity….you will be so thrilled that you made the choice to join us for The Wealth Propulsion Challenge…. Because this is the place where you have the opportunity to re-make the world around you in the likeness of your dreams!  Be prepared to be blown away.


And finally, if you realize that you are way underperforming in business and life and you are ready to become who you know, somewhere deep down, that you were born to be…..then it’s time to step up and begin YOUR Wealth Propulsion 30-Day Challenge!


In this 30-day online program you be showered upon with cutting-edge educational content in the form of video training modules that you receive everyday.  You’ll be interacting with a global group of adventurous and committed people who are all interested in transforming their lives and making a difference in the world as a result of it.  You’ll have the opportunity to video blog your progress on a daily basis, or simply make written progress reports, in our communities in order to allow you to get groups of people conspiring for your success…just as you’ll conspire for theirs!






In The Wealth Propulsion 30-Day Challenge You Will Learn:

  • ​The Hidden Secret to Living a Life of Untold Riches and Wealth

  • The Unbreakable Rule Every Massively Rich Person Knows and the Rest of the World Doesn’t

  • How to Create Unstoppable Momentum to Create Wealth Faster than Ever Before

  • The Money Secret History’s Richest People Use to Create Wealth that Lasts for Generations

  • What 1,000 of the Richest People in the World Know About Success that You Don’t

  • How to End Financial Sabotage and Instantly Turn Your Life Around

  • The Unusual Wealth Secret that Works Fast Anything Else You’ve Ever Been Told

  • How to Never Again Fail: Best Way Ever Discovered to Come Out a Winner Every Time

  • How to Overcome Your Fears and Get Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

  • The Missing Ingredient – Nobody Ever Taught You in School – On How to Build Your Own Fortune From Scratch

  • How to Train Money to Obey Your Every Command

  • The Shocking Things Most People Believe and Do – that Keep Them Poor

  • The Mysterious (and Little Known) Law of Wealth Known Only by the World’s Richest People – Now Revealed to You

  • The Greatest Money Making Secret in History

  • And Much Much More!


You will also receive, as a BONUS, two VIP Seats to the Live

“Legendary Living Live: The Profit Point” program that is held in select locations around the world.


While you can get the full value of The Wealth Propulsion Challenge without ever attending the live Wealth DNA: Breakthrough to Success program, you will absolutely love the live program should you choose to join us.

In the LIVE Wealth DNA: Breakthrough to Success program you will systematically identify everything that’s preventing you from succeeding both consciously as well as unconsciously and you’ll use the most cutting-edge sciences for accelerating human transformation to blast through these barriers and gain massive propulsion forward!


The entire value of The Wealth Propulsion Challenge with the Bonus tickets is $3,088


The Mission of our companies is to put the tools of transformation into the hands of everybody on the planet and to eradicate poverty through education and entrepreneurial means.

And it’s for that reason that we are rolling out the challenge globally and making it incredibly affordable!


The investment in yourself is ONLY $125 For the full Wealth Propulsion 30-Day Challenge!



* In addition if you are joining with a direct payment to us (rather than through donation where we have received no money) – when you complete the challenge – with full participation – and 30 days of video blogging (must be done within 40 days of your enrollment) – I will directly donate $50 to building schools in impoverished areas around the globe.


Our Goal is to get 20,000 people to complete The Wealth Propulsion Challenge; Which would have us donating $1 Million. It’s only TOGETHER that we can make this goal a reality!


So when you participate in The Wealth Propulsion Challenge: the very creation of your own goals can make a positive change and impact in the world that lasts for generations and generations to come.




If you know it’s time to radically overhaul your thinking and catapult yourself to a whole new level of happiness, joy and creation then fasten your seatbelt and get ready to watch the sparks fly off the guardrail of life as you pull powerfully into the fast lane with The Wealth Propulsion Challenge!


Click Now Below


To Enroll and Begin the First Day of a Brand New Lease on Life!



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