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Wealth DNA VI - NDE Master Trainer Development Program

The ultimate in leadership development! This program is taught over time and consists of crewing at live events, and a self-directed curriculum. You will have the oppertunity to be mentored and guided by Legendary LIving's all-star team to become the absolute best leader and trainer that you can possibly be. You will learn the ins and outs of the training business from an entirely different perspective. This type of saturation is the key to leadership and training mastery. Once you've gone beyond mastery, you can never go back! In the Wealth DNA VI - NDE Master Trainer Development Porgram you will develop TRUE ARTISTRY; In this case, the artistry of training and leading!

You Will:


  • Have the opportunity to be chosen to teach bonus segments during Legendary Living's live training events based on the Legendary Living curriculum - in order to hone your skills and demonstrate your ability to teach our curriculum to a live audience

  • Learn everything taught at the previous certification trainings from a "higher-logical level."  So that you can begin to think 3 and 4 moves in advance on the playing field of a live training environment

  • Discover the secrets behind the secrets of group leadership, training, speaking, coaching and event delivery

  • Create a self-directed, agreed upon, path toward your ultimate potential designation as a Licensed Master Trainer of NDE

  • Develop the ability to coach others to the highest levels of mastery and artistry with the tools of NDE

  • Create an implementation plan and follow through on that plan to advance the field of Neuro Design Engineering while taking your own abilities and skill sets to the highest possible level



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