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Wealth DNA V - NDE Transformational Speaker & Licensed Trainer Evaluation 

In this 4-Day evaluation following your two previous levels of Trainer's Trainings, you will have the opportunity to be considered for Licensure as a Licensed Trainer of Neuro Design Engineering (NDE).  There are two levels of designation at this level of training.  The first is a certificate of completion, the second level is graduating with honors.  When you graduate with honors you can then be Licensed through the International Board of Neuro Design Engineering as a Licensed Trainer.  This evaluation is made based on the proficiency that you demonstrate with the skills, principles and concepts taught at the previous levels, both from a platform as well as in your demeanor as a Trainer.  When a student does not

graduate with honors, they are most often invited back at no additional charge in order to do go through the evaluation process one more time the following year.  This is the ultimate test of your abilities and the ultimate testament of how well you've applied yourself up until this point.  


Once Licensed as a Trainer of NDE you will have the ability to run your own seminars and trainings in Neuro Design Engineering within the standards of the guidelines of the International Board of Neuro Design Engineering (IBNDE).  A licensed Trainer has the ability to certify Practioners as well as Master Practitioners of NDE.*


During this evaluation event you will:


  • Demonstrate and receive feedback on a complete presentation of a content segment from the Wealth I certification training with a pass/fail grading

  • Deliver and receive feedback on a full webinar with sales presentation for your products and services with a pass/fail grading

  • Demonstrate and receive feedback on a full sales presentation from the platform with a pass/fail grading

  • Demonstrate and receive feedback on a full consultative sales process one on one with a pass/fail grading

  • Perform a demonstration of, and receive feedback on, one of the techniques with another student from the Wealth I certification training level with a pass/fail grading


The Evaluation Training is your chance to showcase everything that you've learned, and either prepare yourself for the following years evaluation or graduate with honors and be able to sit for full Licensure immediately.  In either case, it is an event that you can be truly proud to complete as just being here is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.  As famed grandmaster of Jiu Jitsu, Rorion Gracie has said, "The belt costs $7.99, the knowledge is priceless!"


As a Licensed Trainer of NDE you may choose to train, on your own, or perhaps even seek out franchise opportunities with Legendary Living where you might potentially qualify to purchase a Legendary Living franchise organization.  Legendary Living franchisees receive the full support of the organization to open their own Legendary Living Training Centers in various territories around the world. **


*IBNDE standards must be followed in delivering certification trainings in NDE.  Requirements may exist for continuing education on an annual basis, in order to stay in good standing with the board once Licensed as a Trainer of NDE.


**For information on how to apply to purchase your own Legendary Living Franchise please contact our offices directly.


*The  pre-requisites for certification as a Wealth DNA V - NDE Transformational Speaker & Licensed Trainer after Evaluation are Wealth DNA I - Legendary Leader - NDE Iconic Coach and Wealth DNA II - Legendary Leader - NDE Master Coach.


"Chris Howard gave me the direction and woke me up to the realization that I do indeed have the ability and tools to create my own reality. My results have been amazing."


 - Dr. Daniel Helm,





"I've recorded and attended many seminars, but after going through Chris' Trainers Training, I was totally blown away. It was 'hands down' the best training I have ever attended. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about developing their speaking and training career."


Ian Rich

Audio Engineer and Record Producer



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