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Wealth DNA IV - NDE Professional Speaker & Trainers Training

In this dynamic 5-day program you will develop the skills and abilities of a PROFESSIONAL speaker with the skills and abilities to sell your products and services from a platform like wildfire.  This will allow you to make the greatest contributions to the world as you build the platform underneath your every dream. 


You Will:


  • Develop a "photographic" memory, so that you're able to make any first time presentation, seem as if it was your 500th time

  • Learn a sure fire strategy for causing table rushes to the back of the room for future products and services every time

  • Gain an even greater level of mastery in regards to making your speeches and trainings undeniably persuasive and attractive so that you can become irrisistable on the platform

  • Embrace the secrets of persuasion and influence that can allow you to hold any audience in the palm of your hand

  • Hone your ability to cause people to sell themselves on the right products, services and solutions for them, within your list of offerings so that they are begging you to allow them to buy from you

  • Have the skills and skillsets drilled into you that can allow you to sell intangibles from a platform or one on one with price points from $50 to $50,0000 or more

  • Develop the mindset and psychology that can allow you to grow and develop a coaching, speaking, consulting or training business that thrives financially

  • Walk out with a sales presentation that you can deliver from the platform for your own high-end products and services

  • Build a webinar that sells your products and services

  • Design a sales flow presentation for selling high-end products and services whether in person or on a skype call from a beach in Tahiti

  • Learn to make your cash flow rocket forward within your "expert," lifestyle or personality driven brand business

  • And much much more!


*The  pre-requisites for certification as a Wealth DNA I - Legendary Leader - NDE Iconic CoachWealth DNA II - Legendary Leader - NDE Master Coach and Wealth DNA III - Legendary Speaker - NDE Transformational Trainer.


"Chris Howard gave me the direction and woke me up to the realization that I do indeed have the ability and tools to create my own reality. My results have been amazing."


 - Dr. Daniel Helm,





"I've recorded and attended many seminars, but after going through Chris' Trainers Training, I was totally blown away. It was 'hands down' the best training I have ever attended. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about developing their speaking and training career."


Ian Rich

Audio Engineer and Record Producer



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