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Transformational Speaker Training

**Please note that Certification requirments includes the necessity of attending LIVE training. HOWEVER I still invite you to test yourself infront of your friends and family and practice practice practice!**

Hello, this course has now been moved to our new site at
Check your email and spam folders for your login information for the nw site.  This old course page will be removed on March 6th as all trainings are now moved to the new platform.
If you have any problem with accessing the courses on the new platform please make sure that your account is in good standing and contact
Get Your MP3 Audio's
Download instructions: Click on the download button. All the MP3 Audio tracks will automatically be downloaded into a Zip Folder to your computer's default download folder. These recordings are different to the video content shared.
Get ready to rock and roll!

Video 1 Session 1 - Setup - Segment I

Video 1 Session 2 - Setup - Segment

Video 1 Session 3 - Setup - Segment

Video 1 Session 4 - Setup - Segment

Video 1 Session 5 - Setup - Segment

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