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Wealth DNA III - Legendary Speaker - NDE Transformation Trainer

Learn 40 proven behaviors of the most outstanding speakers on the planet, and install these behaviors at an unconscious level so that you can integrate them into your presentations without having to think about it. Your enhanced mastery of language, interpersonal skills, and effectiveness to create relate and rapport with small groups and large audiences will enable you to expand your personal and professional sphere of influence, and take your career beyond your wildest expectations. 


You Will Gain:


  • The power and confidence of a brilliant communicator and public speaker.

  • Mastery of performance skills and the ability to wipe out performance anxiety.


  • The ability to create instant group rapport with groups anywhere from 20 to 20 000 people.

  • The secrets to entrancing your audience with spellbinding presentations.

  • Skills for the masterfully handling questions, objections and hecklers.

  • A complete arsenal of the most cutting-edge psychological platform techniques in existence.

  • Tailored communication skills and how to make your presentation most compelling to all learning styles.

  • The ability to design impactful seminars and trainings.

  • High-quality feedback from Legendary Living's elite trainers to take your skills to the highest level.

  • The ability to powerfully sell one-on-one, and from any kind of platform.

  • The confidence that comes from knowing your are a true professional.


*The  pre-requisites are Wealth DNA I - Legendary Leader - NDE Iconic Coach and Wealth DNA II - Legendary Leader - NDE Master Coach.



Metaphysical Anatomy includes step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to 679 medical conditions. These conditions can be activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life. It builds on existing work from many famous authors, making it much more practical, more specific, detailed and ultimately much more effective! This book is equally valuable for experienced alternative practitioners and those interested in self-healing. Compliments the NLP technique!

22 days each 45 minute videos packed with powerful and life changing techniques & information!

Valued At:

$7000! Now only $597!!


You Can Start Right Now!


"Chris Howard gave me the direction and woke me up to the realization that I do indeed have the ability and tools to create my own reality. My results have been amazing."

Dr. Daniel Helm, Chiropractor



"I've recorded and attended many seminars, but after going through Chris' Trainers Training, I was totally blown away. It was 'hands down' the best training I have ever attended. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about developing their speaking and training career."

Ian Rich, Audio Engineer and Record Producer




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