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Wealth DNA II - NDE Transformational Leader & Master Coach 

This dynamic and life-latering 28 - day online course is the second half of the full body of knowledge for the making transformation one on one with other poeple and also gives you the ability to work as a professional consultant inside organizations or corporations. Here you will move beyond Mastery to Artistry with the skills that you learned at the previous course. But when you complete this course it makes those original tools not only twice as valuable - BUT 10 TIMES more valuable - which in turn makes YOU 10 times more valuable! Many of our students who successfully complete this course will charge $500 an hour or $2500 for a 5-hour Neuro Expansion Session directly following the course. 

You will breakthrough a major life issue! This will increase your personal value should you choose to use your new skills for professional coaching or consulting because your ability to do the highest level of breakthrough work and / or consulting is something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life! Should you choose to, you will deliver these powerful sessions in person or online from anywhere in the world where you might be! Imagine helping someone to radically improve their business or their life - and they are on the other side of the planet, and you are being paid $2500 while you sit on the beach in Bora Bora! This is the ultimate in personal transformation and personal value enhancement.


Even if you never use this professional coaching or consulting, the value that you bring to your own business and life is unparalleled - and the skills will help you to create whatever it is that you want personally from more money to better relationships, to buildling a business empire!


You Will Learn:


  • How to tie all of the skills from the previous two courses together for a maximum power and efficacy in producing and delivering results in life!

  • The secrets to bringing out the absolute best in yourself and others.

  • How to d a complete Neuro Chronology which will assist you to identify the greater level presenting problem behind what most people consider to be the problem but what is actually usually a symptom. With this set of skills will not say, "Thank you - you changed the problem!" they will say "Thank you - you changed MY LIFE" or "Thank you - changed my business!"

  • How to become a mechanic for the mind or the change the corporate culture in the flash of an eye!


Upon successful completion of this course you will walk out certified as a Wealth DNA II - NDE Transformational Leader & Master Coach.


*The pre-requisites for this program are Wealth DNA I - Legendary Leader - NDE Iconic Coach Online Course

Metaphysical Anatomy includes step-by-step guide for identifying the psychosomatic pattern related to 679 medical conditions. These conditions can be activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life. It builds on existing work from many famous authors, making it much more practical, more specific, detailed and ultimately much more effective! This book is equally valuable for experienced alternative practitioners and those interested in self-healing. Compliments the NLP technique!

28 days each 45 minute videos packed with powerful and life changing techniques & information!

Valued At:

$5000! Now only $397!!

You Can Start Right Now!



"The Course structure, content, techniques were beyond my expectations. Phenomenal value for money."

Leanna Barker, Trainer / Consultant 




"This program is fantastic for removing the "obstacles" that stand in your way to achieving your dreams and goals! I loved 

the simplicity and speed that "baggage and limiting beliefs could be cleared out!!"

- Jonathan Calnan, Software Test Analyst 




Excellent.  Everything Absolutely Amazing.”

Steve Kondra, Financial Advisor




“A most amazing transformational experience.  These are the tools most of us have been searching a lifetime for taught in the most wonderful way by Chris Howard.”

Shelly Vaughan, Business Systems Coach




“If you do only one thing in your life do this.”

Mick O’Donnen, Psychologist


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