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Rocket Your Business To The Million Dollar Level and Beyond Starting Now!

I promise you this: if you play full out and watch each video right when it comes out; either find a quiet time during the day, or BETTER YET, the moment you see the video come out, you stop all the presses and you watch it immediately – also following through on whatever simple exercise is presented. 



Chris Howard Presents a Free 4 Part Training Series 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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Video 4

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Welcome to the Legendary Leader and Coach Training TEST DRIVE!


I’m Chris Howard, and you might know me as a best-selling author or from my media appearances or large seminar programs around the world, but I’d like you to simply consider me a friend and perhaps a guide on your path to living the greatest expression of a life that you can possibly imagine.


I’ve always loved what I do in traveling the world and helping people to create possibilities in their lives that they at one time considered to be out of reach or impossible.  That has been truly fulfilling, AND... I realized along the way that I would be able to make my greatest contributions to the world when I would finally get the tools of transformation into the hands of everybody on the planet. This, we are now uniquely postured to do at Legendary Living, because of the technological platform of online delivery.  The good news is that not only can you train from anywhere on the planet, but we get to pass the savings of no event structures directly on to you and you can grow your skills and abilities faster than ever before at very little cost!

Become a powerful agent for change!  Get fully trained at the first level of Neuro Design Engineering (NDE), Iconic coaching, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis.  All from the privacy of your own home!  Discover the skills to to make $300 an hour as a professional coach or just do it to become the most powerful leader that you can possibly be and master communication skills with the most cutting-edge tools today for accelerated human transformation.  Click the button below to start the Wealth DNA I Online course! *Note, the full online training is not a certification course, you can use the skills in your practice and private life*

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