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Reverse The Insanity

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Welcome to Steps 7 - 8

Webinar 4

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Webinar 4

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   Step 7 - Develop the skills that will allow you to succeed at the highest levels

In Step 4 we spoke about immersing yourself in the right education, and I took the opportunity to PRE-TEACH the targeting of the specific skills YOU would need to develop over the next year in order to guarantee YOUR highest levels of success, here we'll take the concept even deeper to focus on yourself in regards to growing YOUR greatest asset over time in a compounding way.  Remember, you pay for education only once, but you pay for ignorance over AND over AND over again.  


It's critical that you come to the knowledge and realization that YOU are your most important ASSET, and that you build your greatest ASSET until the value of that ASSET becomes irreplaceable.  Richard Branson founder of the Virgin Companies once said to me, that if you build something that's the best in the world, there's always a market for it.  And that includes yourself!  You could have all of the right strategies and tactics, to win the game but just as a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link - if YOU lack the practiced AND honed SKILLS that come with Mastery and Beyond that Artistry, then YOU'LL never be able to put even the best of plans into action.  


Now that you are embracing your education AND surrounding yourself with the right connections you'll have the opportunity to be in environments that TEST your skills.  So what GLOBAL skills are MOST critical for success IN THE WORLD?  WHAT SKILLS CAN ONE DEVELOP THAT MAKE SOMEONE UNIVERSALLY MORE VALUABLE?


I believe that the most valuable skills on the planet ultimately come down to leadership and communication: your ability to move your own heart and mind in ways that inspire you to step up and embrace the highest expression of your God-given purpose possible; as well as, your ability to get others - your children, the people you love most or even groups of 10, 20, 100, or even a million people or more, moving toward the accomplishment of a noble objective or a noble vision.  


With great leadership AND communication skills YOU can change not just YOUR world, but the ENTIRE WORLD for the better.  Improving these skills and skills sets is simply a matter of getting FEROCIOUSLY CURIOUS and falling in love with the process of becoming EVEN MORE valuable as a leader AND a communicator.  




Take a look at the skills that you identified in Step 4 and redefine them or clarify them if you need to at this point.  And then once you feel that you correctly identified the correct skills to focus on developing this upcoming year, rate your current skill level on each one on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being no skill whatsoever and 10 being Gold Medal Olympic Level in terms of skill - in other words the best in the world.

Be honest with yourself here when you give yourself a rating for each skill.  Do that RIGHT NOW.

Then consider, what would happen if you were to develop yourself to the point where each of those skill levels became a 10 on the scale.

How much more valuable would YOU become for the world?  Remember the amount of money that YOU make is a direct reflection of that VALUE that YOU create for the world in the eyes of the current marketplace.

If you became a 10 in each of those skill areas how much would your value increase?  Hundreds of thousands more in value?  Millions?  Billions perhaps even?

In the upcoming course JET FUEL: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Unleashed!  You'll develop insane communication, leadership, entrepreneurial, financial, and transformational skills.  If you are committed to developing those skills, it's in that course where you will do that.  The course will begin on July 14th Online and Globally, with a bonus optional live 3-day integration training in August.  However the entire course can be attended completely online and from anywhere in the world.  I'll be opening the registration for Jet Fuel: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Unleashed! on Monday May 30th and the registration will remain open for a short time window until the program sells out whether that occurs in a single day or two weeks.  Registration is limited by the call line capacity.  We'll be releasing more about this particular course coming up shortly!

"Chris Howard has the right attitude for success both on and off the mat.  If you're committed to performing at peak levels in business and in life, you must experience Chris' teachings!"

Grandmaster Rorion Gracie

The world's #1 self-defense expert, and Founder of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Step 8 - Breakthrough your unconscious barriers to success


If you are experiencing situations in life that you don't want - in your finances, or in your relationships, or in your health, all of those aspects of your life are reflections of your programming and conditioning AND until you break through the unconscious blinders that you've been wearing you'll be doomed to repeat the same patterns you've been living OVER and OVER and OVER again!


YOU HAVE TO break through YOUR unconscious barriers to success. This is ultimately what makes the biggest difference to the people who succeed massively those who wallow in the self-pity of defeat. 


If YOUR unconscious barriers are not overcome, YOU can NEVER play the game of life in the most powerful way to create value for the world, and make the impact that you are truly capable of making.  

Your Exercise For Step 8 is to go back over your goals that you set when you first began this Reverse the Insanity Program and with those goals in mind, ask yourself the question:

"What's preventing me or stopping me from having all of these things RIGHT NOW in life?"  

Take 5 minutes to write down every excuse or reason that you might have, whether those barriers be internal or external.  Do this exercise right now!

Once you've got that list you'll want to have it with you as we go into the 9th Step Webinar.  So keep an eye on your email for that announcement!


(In Step Nine I'll reveal the exact methods to do this in order to give you THE MOST POWERFUL PROPULSION FORWARD.)


The key to amazing growth is to use steps 7 AND 8 together. This will give you the power to move forward congruently AND allow your new skills and talents that you've developed to elevate your success.



Make sure that you've registered for the the Upcoming Webinar in the box below: The Ninth Step To Reversing The Insanity and Beginning Your Radically New Business and Life!  This webinar will be released in the coming days!

ALSO our newest FULL COURSE "JET FUEL: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Unleashed!" will be launching in one month!  This course, continues on the principles learned in Reverse the Insanity so that  you can OWN the skills and tools to set yourself FREE and MONETIZE the business of your dreams FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVELY than ever before!  -- IN JET FUEL YOU GAIN THE ACTUAL SKILLS AND BREAKTHROUGH EVERY UNCONSCIOUS BARRIER TO DRIVE YOU FORWARD TO START MAKING CASH FAST IN THE BUSINESS and LIFESTYLE OF YOUR DREAMS!  Stay tuned for more information on this one!

I am so proud to see that you've made it this far!  It says alot about you as a person committed to achieving your every dream.  You are right where you're supposed to be!  

Get excited, we haven't even started yet!  The best is yet to come!  See you on the 9th Step Webinar!

I met Christopher Howard when he was in his 20's and I was in my 50's. Losing a husband, job, home and left in huge debt, Chris awakened me and taught me what truly lived inside me when I turned off the OTHER talk. I shall forever remain grateful to Chris!


Carol Barbeau 


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