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Reverse The Insanity

Unleash YOUR Legendary Contribution
AND The Lifestyle of YOUR Dreams!


Step 4 - Take Action!


Oftentimes people are confused in terms of what SPECIFIC actions they should take on the path toward the accomplishment of building their purpose their lifestyle and their dreams.  Here is a quick exercise for step 4 that you can use to break you through any type of intertia, overwhelm or indecision.  It's called mind-storming and I first learned it from my friend Brian Tracy.


The technique is called MIND-STORMING, and it is very simple but incredibly powerful.  

What you do, is very simply: write your goal or your desired outcome in the form of a question.  Your unconscious mind is far more powerful and creative than you have ever imagined.  When you engage your unconscious mind on the coming up with ANSWERS to the RIGHT QUESTIONS your whole life can CHANGE IN THE FLASH OF AN EYE!

When you write the question down, as you will do here in a moment, it's most CRITICAL that the question be properly written.

You want to be VERY aware of the underlying assumptions or presuppositions inside the question itself.

So for example if the problem was that you didn't know what actions to take toward launching your DREAM BUSINESS, The question that you might write could be:  




OR: "HOW CAN I MAKE $100,000 Dollars in My New Business RIGHT NOW and EASILY?"

OR: "How Can I create $30,000 to launch my Dream Business Right Now and Easily?"

Notice the "modifiers" in these questions:  words such as "Now" and "Easily" or with "Velocity, Ease, and Grace." Each of this modifiers are CRITICAL, as they ASSUME or PRESSUPOSE that those aspects are present.  This is an extremely poweful way to unleash your creativity.

So the process that you're about to do is this.  You'll think of a goal that you have no idea how you'll achieve and you'll write it in the form of a question, paying special attention to the "pressupositions" inside the question.  I've taken the liberty to write a well formed goal for you below, however if you would like to change or modify the question you can do that as well.

Once you've written the question the next step is to come up with 20 answers to the question using "GREEN-LIGHT THINKING." Green Light Thinking occurs without any critical thinking whatsoever.  ANYTHING goes.  No Matter how crazy you might think the answer is, write it down anyway.  And as Brian Tracy says, the first several answers will feel like water flowing from a tap and the last few will feel like squeezing water from a stone, but make sure to get ALL 20 answers out.  Then once you've got all 20 answers down, check the BEST answer and take IMMEDIATE ACTION.  The bridge between the world of thought and the world of thought and the world of material results is ACTION.  So do SOMETHING immediately.  Remember a decision isn't a decision until you've taken action.

So before moving on to Step 5 make sure to complete the exercise above for Step 4 in realtionship to your goals for this program.  Here is a base question that you are welcome to modify to fit your own goal:

"What can I do in order to immediately monetize my dream lifestyle business and bring in ___________ monthly easily AND right now?"

Of course you'll fill in the monthly amount at whatever level makes you salivate!  Do that exercise right now and remember to take immediate action!

For even more on the SPECIFIC actions that you can take to grow your business, I will be launching my BRAND NEW course entitled "JET-FUEL: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Unleashed!" within the next month.  I'll be opening the enrollments for that course in the final session of Reverse The Insanity.  And while Reverse The Insanity is full of as value, JET-FUEL will take things infinitely deeper.  And there I will help you to extensively map out specific plans to build the lifestyle business of your dreams and drive the revenue FAST!  


"Chris Howard is among the brightest young talents today! You can't afford to miss experiencing his approach to accelerated change and having people live truly rich and fulfilling lives."    


Judy Rybak

Former Supervising Producer - The Dr. Phil Show

Step 5 - Immerse Yourself in The Right Education

As we go through life or through the lifespan of the growth of a business, if you are the founder/entrepreneur, your roles will change over time. In the beginning oftentimes you're wearing 20 different hats and playing 20 different roles.  


In the start up phase, which can be a very exciting time when you choose to look at it in the right way, you may feel like you're spinning plates in the air attempting to prevent any of them from falling.  Rest assured you're not the only one!  


Then, as your business matures, your roles will continually shift based on multiple contributing factors.  


One of the most beneficial things that I did in growing my own companies was to sit down on an annual basis and ask myself the question, "What skills do I need to be exquisite at THIS YEAR, such that would guarantee the highest level of success possible for me THIS year?" 

The answer to that question would shift depending upon the stage that I was in in my development when I asked it.  

When I did this back in 1993 or 1994 when I was first setting my goals to launch my training and speaking career, my answer was most likely something like: Communication, Leadership, Sales, Transformation, Coaching, Public Speaking.  

Then later after I had worked for both Dale Carnegie Training, as well as the largest training companies of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming in the world at the time, I set out to officially launch my business in 2002.  At that point I asked myself the question again, and my answers had evolved to something along the lines of: Business Acumen, Finances, Capital Raising, Business Psychology, Negotiation, Business Building.

Even later, as that business grew and we began to push the limits of a small team around 2004-2005 my answers were something akin to: Team Building, Creative Financing, Delegation, Branding, Training Trainers and Coaches, Building a Plan of Succession.

Perhaps you've heard before that as you grow in life - more important than any goal you ever achieve - is "Who you become as a person along the way."  


What isn't immediately obvious is that EVERY GOAL that you achieve will be a DIRECT REFLECTION of WHO YOU'VE BECOME AS A PERSON.

In the martial arts the person who gets the black belt is the person who has BECOME a black belt level in terms of their skills.  The same thing goes with your external dreams, goals, and even the size of your bank account or investment portfolio.  They will reflect your skills and who you've become; period.


Ask yourself at this stage of your own development: "What six skills do I need to be phenomenal at THIS YEAR such that would guarantee my highest possible level of success?"

Come up with the top six and then get to work!

Do that exercise NOW before moving on to STEP 6.

If you want more on the development of the specific skills that will set you free in your dream business...


You will learn and embody the most important skills that I believe ANYONE can learn, that can SET YOU FREE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, SO THAT YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM A BEACH IN TAHITI IF YOU LIKE - IN THE UPCOMING LIVE ONLINE COURSE "JET FUEL: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Unleashed!" That course will be taught by me personally and I will be helping you to develop those skills over the course of 6 weeks.  The skills that I teach in that course have made me and thousands of others who I've taught more money than most people would ever imagine possible.

Now... STEP 6

Calvin Coyles was 22 years old and fresh out of college, and his only goal when he met me was to do six figures in a year.  Instead, he studied everything I did, and I worked with him to build his business based on a PROVEN MODEL and this radically changed his beliefs he launched his training and personal development business in 2013 and did $800,000 in his first year!  He said “I just did everything you told me too!”  

Calvin Coyles

Founder Young & Wildly Successful

Step 6 - Surround Yourself With the Right People

Legendary Quantum Physicist David Bohm, said that we take in what we take in from all that there is and that becomes who we are.  


Really let that statement sink in.


So the environments that you saturate yourself in will determine not only WHO YOU BECOME, but everything that YOU HAVE, DO AND CREATE.  


A wise woman once said, I wouldn't want to hang out with somebody I didn't want to become.


As a quick exercise make a list of 10 people who you want to surround yourself with, or who you would be thrilled to have as a part of your personal inner circle.


Who out there is already producing the kind of results that you want to produce, who you would love to know?


Then take one of the top people on that list and take SOME action today to put yourself in touch with them or discover how you can make a connection with them. It may even be signing up for a seminar or webinar that could put you in closer proximity to the people that are doing what you want to do, or making a phone call or sending a personal message.


We'll connect tomorrow for steps seven and eight, and then shortly there after for THE STEP 9 Webinar; so that you can begin your radically new business and life!

Make sure to do your homeplay for today and see you very soon!

Kate Gunn was working within a Corporation as an employee, and she always had a dream of launching her own business, but she didn’t know how, she didn’t know what to do.  After going through our programs she launched her business and built it to 10 million in a single year.  What do you think would be the best part about doing $10 million your first year in business?  Would it actually be the money in the bank?  Or something even more significant?

Kate Gunn

Founder and Director Balance Healthcare

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