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"Reverse the Insanity"

Unleash YOUR Legendary Contribution
AND The Lifestyle of YOUR Dreams!

A t t e n t i o n: 


 Lifestyle AND Social Influencers, Entrepreneurs, AND Media Personalities 

Struggling to discover the path to become a powerhouse brand, AND monetize the contribution of YOUR unique gifts to the World . . .


Are YOU Ready to Solve The Riddle of How to Use YOUR Resources Most Wisely?


Are YOU Drowned in a Cacophony of Noise From Different So Called “Experts?”


Are YOU Worried That If YOU Don’t Act Fast You Might Find YOURSELF in a Job That YOU Hate?


Are YOU Anxious About The Lack of Solid Direction in YOUR Business AND YOUR  Life?”

If YOU want…

  • A blueprint for extraordinary living in today’s new digital dawn…

  • To take charge of emerging technologies to monetize YOUR dream life…

  • AND a system for bringing YOUR unique gifts to the marketplace that causes YOUR new clients to rip out their purses or wallets…

Then this could be the most important webpage YOU’VE EVER landed on!

Does this sound familiar…

  • YOU have confusion about what YOU want to build business wise?

  • YOU aren’t monetizing YOUR business yet - at any meaningful financial level? 

  • YOU just don’t know where to begin OR what specifically to do to grow YOUR brand?

  • YOU feel pressure to make things work fast BUT YOU KNOW that most people who follow the guru’s in the market aren’t getting anywhere near the results that the guru’s are getting?

  • AND YOU don’t know how to solve these problems with the urgency that YOU NEED to get things moving?



YOU’VE come to the right place!

It’s Time to Reverse The Insanity AND Begin YOUR Radically NEW Business AND Life Today!

Get Access to Your $100 FREE Training! With Legendary Trainer, Best Selling Author and Award
Winning Entrepreneur 
Chris Howard!

“Are you ready to commit to deepening your understanding and application of the metaphysical laws that govern the universe in the area of limitless abundance? The results you will receive from Chris Howard’s seminars are priceless! Chris Howard has the heart of greatness. His seminars resonate with people at a very deep level and manifest abundance.”


Founder and Spiritual Director | Agape International Spiritual Center 

Featured in The Secret

As Seen On ...

I’m Forbes Riley and I hope that you recognize me from television. I’ve done over 100 infomercials and I’ve grossed over 2 Billion Dollars in product sales between informercials and live home shopping.  This Amazing man, Chris Howard changed my life and set my career on a different path.  Chris Howard Teaches Courses that are mind-blowing! I had never experienced what I COULD Be, how I could change.  His breadth of knowledge is mind-blowing.  I quote him on almost a daily basis.
Since the time I met him my career has skyrocketed, I speak around the country, I changed a lot of what I do, based on this ONE GUY!  If you’re lucky enough to take a course with him, do it!  I get to help so many others because Chris took the time to impact me.


Thank you Chris.

Forbes Riley"

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Learn a 9-step approach to launching powerfully toward your greatest dreams!

Discover how to radically revolutionize your life on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially


Learn the secrets to wiping out self-sabotage faster than ever before possible


Discover the bleeding-edge technologies of Neuro Design Engineering (NDE) for designing and shaping your life in the likeness of your dreams


Find out what Millionaire Business Owners, Celebrities, Best-Selling Authors, and Peak Performers world-wide are raving about in regards to the latest in accelerating human transformation


Learn what it takes to instantly turnaround any area of your life and assist others to do the same


Be exposed to the secrets to become a high paid performance enhancement coach or consultant with the ability to serve clients around the world from a beach in Tahiti or the Maldives - the secrets to setting yourself free


Enter your name and best email address right now and gain immediate access to The Reverse The Insanity Program.  $100  Free!


Enter your name and best email address below to receive your $100 FREE training,"Reverse The Insanity and Begin a Radically New Business and Life Today"


"As a direct result of Chris’s unique approach, I have restructured my entire business and lifestyle. I now no longer feel overwhelmed. Every skill learned and applied compounds the results I see. I have profited as much as $600,000 in a single day and have seen a net result of more than $2 million."


Former Mr. Australia | Owner of Five Star Fitness Centres

 We value your privacy

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