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The Million Dollar Mastermind (MDM)

In this powerful club you will come together 3 times a year for 4 days each meeting, where you'll receive direct hands on coaching and mentoring on your business model from the best of the best in the industry of personal and professional development as well as with cutting-edge business strategies for high-speed growth. We are living in a rapidly changing world where the barrier to entry in business is lower than ever before yet the competition is greater than ever before. 80% of startup Businesses’ fail within the first 5 years. And the statistics for established businesses looking to express themselves in new ways through mergers and acquisitions aren’t much better. The averages across the board establish that 2/3 of mergers and acquisitions fail - with only a 1/3 success rate. It’s for this reason that I created The Million Dollar Mastermind. 

What if you had a paint by numbers approach to build the entire structure of your business from the ground up?  Or for a thriving business, reaching out into new frontiers, learn the sure fire marketing and sales approaches in order to kick your revenues into hyper-drive?


As part of your membership in The Million Dollar Mastermind, together, we will cover every aspect of your business from the foundations of your Business Plan to your Branding and Positioning, Cash Flow Strategies, Marketing Plans, Processes, Customer Acquisition  etc.… everything that you need to kick-start serious growth within your business.  


And you’ll be working directly with me, where I’ll have the opportunity to share with you the strategies and tactics that enabled me to do million dollar sales DAYS over and over and over again,and to do over 100 million dollars in sales of my products and services globally.  I’ll also be simultaneously training and coaching you in the SKILLS to implement those strategies like a seasoned pro.  What this means to you is:


  • The Ability To Target and Develop Solid Relationships With Your Defined Market

  • The Ability to Identify and Maximize The Opportunities spent at the point of sale

  • The Ability to Generate Operating Income FAST

  • A Brand New Way of Looking At Your Business That Allows You To Maximize Your Marketing and Sales while Delivering an Even More Powerful Brand Experience for Your Customers

  • And Much, Much More!


The Million Dollar Mastermind Begins with a Six Week Online Course.  Which is followed by 4 Business Building Events.


Each one of the Business Building Sessions consists of 4 days LIVE and Spread Throughout the Course of The Year. This framework and exclusive opportunity for 16 days of face time provides you with the accountability and follow-up in order to drive your business to the highest levels of success FAST!


During Your Preparatory 8-Module Online Course You Will Cover:


  • DEFINING THE WINING STRATEGIES Competitive and Sensitivity Analysis

  • DETERMINING BEST COURSES OF ACTION Business Philosophy and Differentiation

  • Gaining Clarity and Certainty in Your Offerings

  • Powerfully SHARING Your Brand DIFFERENCE Influence, Impact and Presence

  • IMPLEMENTATION - Turning Your Plans Into Your Results 

  • MAXIMIZING CASH FLOW - Getting Your Revenue Rolling

  • Plus Two Live Question and Answer Calls


These live modules can be done either before or after the very first 4 day event, which is known as our Millionaire Business Accelerator or MBA.  The MBA provides the foundation for the next 3 sessions of the Million Dollar Mastermind and it is a requirement to attend prior to attending subsequent Mastermind Meetings.


In the initial 4-day live MBA you will:



  • Build or Re-establish a scalable Multi-Million Dollar Business Plan - built around your passions and your “True North,”  Or alternatively around the Vision and Mission of Your Employers Organization

  • Research your competition in order to create a model that gives you a massive competitive advantage  

  • Determine your Primary Threads of Revenue and identify the Critical Drivers of the business so that you can put yourself closest to the CASH and Learn to Maximize the Revenue as Quickly as Possible.

  • Determine your Market Positioning, and communicate your brand most powerfully to the Market Place

  • You’ll learn the methods to sell the corporate vision and products and services like wildfire while being fully grounded in a consultative selling process that caters to your clients needs first and foremost.  This assures for truly powerful relationships that stand the test of time.

  • You’ll determine the best marketing and sales system for immediately beginning to MONETIZE at the greatest levels.


If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there!


There are 50,000,000 different things that, “One COULD do in Business,” however, there’s usually just two or three things which when you DO THEM, will cause the massive success that you seek.  This is the secret to multiplying your results overnight!


OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY IS to get Major Threads of Activity and Critical Drivers in place – so that you know EXACTLY what you have to do on a day to day basis:




THROUGHOUT THE course OF THE FULL MASTERMIND YOU’LL EXPERIENCE A content-rich “deep dive” into creating THE Business, MARKETING, SALES, AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Plans and implementation that have taken our clients and CAN take you to: SEVEN AND EIGHT - FIGURE targets and beyond.


You will learn:


How to use the PLAN we map out together and then EXECUTE it for REAL WORLD RESULTS. A plan without action is worthless, and so I will be personally mentoring you in order to Take the Right Kinds of Actions to a WIN!


It’s Time for your business to hire the right Architect and Building TEAM


welcome home!


There are some corporate advisors that charge as much as $100,000 or even $250,000 to simply have them available for advice on the growth of the business. And for the right type of advice this could easily be worth it. If it was to help you build yourself to the million dollar or multi-million dollar level it could easily be worth an investment of 100k or 250k because the benefit you get isn't just the increase over one year, it's the benefit of the increase over every year in the future. This one investment in yourself could be worth MILLIONS. Think about it.


Phil Anderson was managing a health club, and couldn’t get out of the day to day operations to really do what he wanted to do, he said “Chris, I feel stuck.”

He went through one of my business building programs, and as a result learned a simple strategy that allowed him to make $600k in a Single day and increase his net-worth by $2million in just a year.  Then was able to retire at Age 38.  He uses his time now teaching others how to retire rich and young as well.  


For a small business owner turned investor, this was a massive leap!  Though Every leap is relative.






Former Mr. Australia | Owner of Five Star Fitness Centres


"As a direct result of Chris’s unique approach, I have restructured my

entire business and lifestyle.I now no longer feel overwhelmed. Every skill l

earned and applied compounds the results I see. I have profited as much as

$600,000 in a single day and have seen a net result of more than $2 million."



What would be a massive breakthrough for your own business?


Then ask yourself what’s important to you about that?


And how committed are you to that?


Then get committed to The Million Dollar Mastermind!


What’s Different About The Millionaire Dollar Mastermind?


  • Based On A Real Track Record – I’ve Created More Million Dollar Plus “True Rich” Leaders, Teachers and Coaches than anyone else in four different countries over a decade

  • You Get an Instant First Class Team - Building Your Business Structure and Systems - Right Alongside You

  • You Get To Choose From Multiple Turn Key, Push Button Business SYSTEMS and Models “in a Box” which can then be tailored to your business for rapidly marketing and selling your products and services at high ticket prices

  • You’re working along-side the guy who has done million dollar sales DAYS over and over and over again

  • Cutting-EDGE Personal Development, combined with RAPID EXPANSION Strategies to Give You The Greatest Growth Possible in The Shortest Turnaround Time  



If you’ve got the drive and ambition and are willing to step up and implement - I want to help you to catapult you to your next level in a fraction of the time and without all the stress struggle, and very costly mistakes..I spent millions of dollars on mistakes that I want to save you 




Calvin Coyles was 22 years old and fresh out of college, and his only goal when he met me was to do six figures in a year.  Instead, he studied everything I did, and I worked with him to build his business based on a PROVEN MODEL and this radically changed his beliefs he launched his training and personal development business in 2013 and did $800,000 in his first year!  He said “I just did everything you told me too!”  





Kate Gunn, was working within a Corporation as an employee, and she always had a dream of launching her own business, but she didn’t know how, she didn’t know what to do.  After going through our programs she launched her business and built it to 10 million in a single year.  What do you think would be the best part about doing $10 million your first year in business?  Would it actually be the money in the bank?  Or something even more significant?





Rob Moore was 30,000 Pounds in debt when he first came into our programs and was going no where fast.  Once he gained the business confidence within my programs, he stopped making reasons and excuses and instead partnered with another business owner and they launched progressive property.  It has now become the largest property investment firm in all of the U.K. worth multi-millions.  How would that feel to get that kind of growth?!  What types of things would you hear differently from the people you love?





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