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Legendary Life Coaching $500/Month

$300/Month with Chris Howard

If you're serious about living a legendary life - find a place where you can sit down comfortably and plug in for an hour with no distractions, take the action items after the webinar and get ready for the transformational adventure of a life time!


Should you choose to accept this mission and join us for the full Legendary Life Coaching Program, when you enroll prior to 2016, your tuition will not be the $500/month increase that is coming but rather ONLY $300/month!


The tuition will be moving it's way up toward the $1,000 mark monthly but when you get in at the low celebration launch rate yours will remain only $300 month for as long as you remain in the program.  (That's unless you stop at any point, in which case you would come back at the new tuition rates.)



And if you choose to pay in full for the entire year in advance - you pay only $2,700 receiving a bonus of 3 months absolutely free!


To enroll now simply email us at and let us know that you were in the original conference call group, and that you want to enroll in the Legendary Life Coaching Program at the $200/month rate!  Make sure to do it prior to Dec. 22nd because this offer is only good until then!



Book Now & Join Us!

Give yourself the greatest gift moving forward - with likely the most exciting development 've yet to make!  It's time to TAKE A GIANT LEAP FORWARD TOWARD YOUR GREATEST AMBITIONS AND YOUR BOLDEST DREAMS! 

The BAD NEWS is that you're about to lose all of your reasons and excuses for becoming anything less than you are fully capable of!After 20 years in the business of being "The Teacher of Trainers and Coaches," it's truly a gift for me to be able to offer this to you.  You now have the oppoortunity to do group coaching WEEKLY with ME PERSONALLY!  


At a price that's going to make your jaw-dropbecause, I wanted to make this accessible to ANYBODY, who has the drive and desire to MAKE YOUR LIFE WORK NOW!EVERY WEEK on Monday's at 1pm PST ( here is a time conversion link if you are not in the PST time zone) Click Here - If you cannot make an individual call they will be archived for you in a private members area so that you can get all of the great content at any time day or night on replay!


Chris Howard will be PERSONALLY delivering Group Life and LIFESTYLE COACHING - so that you can get it straight from source - including two of

those calls being Question and Answer calls per month where you can find the answers to that can ROCKET YOU TO THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE.  


Chris want's to make this accessible to ANYONE worldwide who truly has the desire to TRANSFORM THEIR LIFE - SO HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!  Chris will cover topics that will assist you with the best of the best of what he's learned over the years in Neuro Design Engineering, NLP, Life-Coaching, Hypnosis, Esoterics etc. both through great times and in challenging times; this can empower you to sculpt and build your world in the likeness of your dreams.


Your Coaching will include:


  • Learn what it takes to live a truly LEGENDARY LIFE

  • Get the passion, drive and playfullness to go the distance

  • Discover the little known secrets to transform darkness into light in any area of your life

  • Find your authentic-self and be bold enough to shine physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially

  • Breakthrough your barriers to succes and unleash your true warrior spirit


Give yourself this GIFT and remember it's not just for you!  Because how YOU show up effects everyone and everything around you!!

Book Now & Join Us!

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