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Explosive Growth Business Coaching $500/Month

$300/Month with Chris Howard

If you're serious about building a legendary Business - find a place where you can sit down comfortably and plug in for an hour with no distractions, take the action items after the webinar and get ready for the transformational adventure of a life time!


Should you choose to accept this mission and join us for the full Explosive Growth Business Coaching, when you enroll prior to 2016, your tuition will not be the $500/month increase that is coming but rather ONLY $300/month!


The tuition will be moving it's way up toward the $1,000 mark monthly but when you get in at the low celebration launch rate yours will remain only $300 month for as long as you remain in the program.  (That's unless you stop at any point, in which case you would come back at the new tuition rates.)

Attending this Business Coaching Program is hugely critical in terms of finally putting you on The Inside Track for Legendary Growth ad Expansion in your business. Chris Howard has done over $100,000,000 dollars in sales in Chris' seminars and trainings globally and being within the top 3 highest grossing name brand seminar leaders of his kind on the planet. He now wants to help YOU to build YOUR business and your dreams to the stratosphere! 

Book and Join Us Now!

So every week you will meet via teleconference or webinar where you'll learn the inside secrets to give you the staying power and you'll discover the distinctions that you need to really START PRODUCING THE REVENUE IMMEDIATELY WITH THE BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS:


  • Driving sales

  • Marketing 

  • Psychology of selling

  • How to solve cash flow issues

  • How to survive tough times

  • How to differentiate yourself in the marketplace

  • How to structure your business

  • How to build a million dollar structure

  • and much much more! 

Wouldn't you be 10 times more successful if you only had the discipline and ONGOING MOTIVATION and ACCOUNTABILITY to do the things you knew your should do? It's time to get, not just a personal trainer for your mind and business - but as one of Chris's friends recently dubbed him, "THE personal trainer for your mind and business." Give yourself this GIFT - and remember it's not just for you! Because how YOU show up effects everyone and everything around you!!

Book and Join Us Now!

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