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What is This Campaign For?


This campaign must raise $350,000 in 24 days.  It ends on August 19th 2016.

As a backer, of anywhere from $1-$10,000 YOU will become a part of the project that will enable me to investigate and write the book and film script in regard to the alleged criminal dismantling of my company and theft and sale of my trade secrets.  As well as an ensuing cover up that has included threats against my life, threats of throwing acid in my face, sabotage of my financials, and constant surveillance, hacking and intimidation, attempts to drive me insane, and ruin my credibility so that I won't be believed.

The legal bills to make this happen are quite high as I am going up against a Goliath of proportions that are unheard of in modern day business.

YOUR SUPPORT MATTERS!  Everyone believes that someone else will donate.  BUT IT CAN ONLY HAPPEN when YOU decide to BACK THIS AT WHATEVER LEVEL YOU ARE CAPABLE OF!

Please do it NOW as time is running out!


How Being a Backer Benefits YOU!


As part of this campaign there are various reward packages that YOU can receive depending on your level of participation.  The rewards include special announcements and being on the inside track throughout the creation of the book and the investigation, being listed in the book as a contributer (YOUR choice as some backers will choose to remain anonymous), or being listed in the eventual film credits (this campaign is to create the book and film script).  Other benefits to YOU include, invites to special events such as the book launch party, signed copies of the book and even personal meetings, dinners or celebrations with me.  This project cannot happen without YOU and because I so appreciate your MISSION CRITICAL participation, I am also throwing in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of that which I have always done as my trade, certification trainings in accelerated human transformation, coaching, leadership, our Billionaire Bootcamp training in Hawaii, our adventure club trip to the Amazon, and my Million Dollar Mastermind business building skills.  Over almost a decade I was blessed to help build more million dollar plus speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants than anyone else in the field in multiple countries around the world.  So I'm gifting my skills to YOU as well, and at the highest levels of contribution, I'm even gifting what some people have paid $60,000 or $70,000 for training wise for the highest donation of ONLY $10k!  Additionally, I'm offering 25 lifetime memberships to anything I teach that's produced by me, at that same rate.

So YOU get to be a critical part of this landmark project and YOU get to become the very best version of YOU self possible!

This project needs YOU NOW.


Please Become a Backer Right Now!

How Being a Backer Ensures That YOU Win In Business and Life


Business is already challenging enough with 8 out of 10 business going out of business in the first 5 years, and 9 out of 10 businesses within 10 years.  

Now with globalization, YOU have far more competitors and they are hungry, and there is no standardized set of rules, which means that you are playing against predators that have zero respect for the laws and rules that govern western countries.  And when you cannot count on legal protection against corporate criminals raiding and stealing everything that you dare to build, it makes going into business riskier than ever before in human history.

Competitors are now hacking, destroying online business infrastructures, AND stealing intellectual property - what makes your business unique - at breakneck speeds.  None of our security systems are sufficient to protect against it.  If they break into the FBI and the NSA, and they can.  They can break into YOU.

Adult bullying and intimidation online is an EQUALLY BIG PROBLEM as teenage bullying and harassment, but it's not being discussed in the media.  Our lawmakers AND media are not making any of these issues known enough, AND competitors are using methodologies to terrorize people in their own homes.

Because of globalization, and outsourcing more people are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before, but if the true threats were known it could break part of the life blood of our economy which is the small business owner and innovation.  

So the true threats are being hidden.  And the attackers, can hide behind multinational behemith corporations, shell companies and high priced lawyers, while they rape our citizens and our economies.

This book and film manuscript that you are backing are being written to bring into the light these critical issues that threaten your future and the futures of those you love!

Once the true ramifications are brought into the light, we can work through the real issues that threaten all of our safety, and place the proper emphasis on their very serious nature.

How Being a Backer Combats Corporate Crime and Makes The Future Safer for All

Corporate crime has been around for as far back as the beginings of commerce, however, in free nations the legal protections that our countries claim to provide us with should protect us from people who would threaten our lives, and steal our property. This is no longer the case with players operating on an international playing field with the additional power of today's technological advances. 

Unfortunately, crimes of intimidation go largely unreported because of blackmail and extortion, or simply because, it's "bad for business." And with the advent of surveillance technologies that are way beyond what our governments even admit it's easier than ever for corporate criminals to isolate individuals, take over social media accounts, monitor all forms of communication, and even prevent reporting to government agencies. I have been a survivor of this kind of crime myself. And by bringing the truth of this story to light, it can give others who are too afraid to speak out, permission to do so.


AND it can bring this topic into the spotlight AND global conversation so that our lawmakers have no choice but to work to find solutions.  This issue must be dealt with publicly as the very serious threat to our freedom that it really presents.

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