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The Epic Adventure Club

Our Epic Adventure Club is an amazing and inspirational trip that we hold once a year to some of the most extraordinary locations, with the richest and deepest histories on the planet! Past trips have included: Trekking through Tibet, traveling through the Majestic Mountain Ranges of Mongolia, Safari trips in the wilds of South Africa, visiting the Archeological Shrines and Temples of Cambodia, Discovering the Legendary Remnants of Machu Picchu - Peru, The Great Pyramids of Egypt and walking the footsteps of Alexander the Great throughout ruins and ancient Turkey. During these trips you will be prompted to work with deep journaling processes to help put your entire life in perspective, while simultaneously sharing amazing experiences with your fellow adventurers and guest speakers.

The Epic Aventure is highly recommended on an annual basis to continually reset your life's compass in a way that maximizes your depths of wealth and fulfillment, and enriches and optimizes your life: making your journey the most meaningful, emotionally textured and rich experience it can possibly be.

Epic Adventure Cambodia!

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