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Enroll Now Not For $5,000 But ONLY $395 plus get great bonuses when you enroll before June 7th!


Introducing The

Advanced Transformational Hypnosis Certification Course


Get these bonuses before June 7th ONLY!  


Advanced Transformational Hypnosis Certification Course

Brand new once in a life time opportunity – Become a

Certified ADVANCED Transformational Hypnotist

from anywhere in the world!


Read to the bottom and ACT FAST for the bonuses!


In this ADVANCED 20-hour live course you will learn:



untitled-1 (1).jpg
  • Chunking and Ambiguity in Language

  • Use of Presuppositions in Language

  • Hypnotic Language Patterns and Ericksonian Methods of Trance

      Including never before taught language patterns

  • Ericksonian Hypnosis

  • Dave Elman Methods of Hypnosis

  • Metaphor Construction

  • Multiple Embedding of Metaphors for use in Hypnosis

  • Associated State Rehearsal and Dissociated State Rehearsal

  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions

  • Advanced Marketing for launching any kind of business with these tools

  • And much much more!


By the end of the training you’ll walk out with a serious set of Hypnosis skills for helping anyone to transform their life FAST!


In the past you would have paid up to $5,000 for this advanced material but now you can train directly with me LIVE ONLINE and RECEIVE FULL CERTIFICATION at the Advanced Level for ONLY $395!


**As extra bonus materials…when you enroll by June 7th

 your Advanced Transformational Hypnosis certification will be accompanied by the online pre-study materials for the full NLP Results Certification Training including: 16 mp3’s and a 300-page downloadable manual.  This additional study material which has traditionally sold in our live events for $397 is being provided to even further expand your knowledge of accelerated human transformation!  This is my gift to you when you enroll right now in order to help you be the best you can be!


So when you enroll in this time window, May 7th - May 19th, you will join me for the full certification course in Transformational Hypnosis for a dramatically reduced tuition - which will allow you to rocket yourself forward to greater heights of achievement and success while tapping into greater depths of fulfillment and an even more expansive quality of life. 


Get this amazing training valued at over $4,000 Now!


Right now during this FLASH SALE join us at a fraction of the price! 



Here’s 8 of the amazing program segments you’ll get in my transformation celebration package for you:

  • >You'll receive my “Eight-Step model for Transformational Hypnosis” ($697 Value)

  • You'll receive my “Hypnotic System for Pain Control” ($497 Value)

  • You'll receive my “SELF Hypnosis Model For Ultimate Personal Transformation” ($497 Value)

  • You'll receive my “Secrets of Hypnotic Stage Shows Revealed” ($497 Value)You'll receive my "Marketing Mastery System - For Getting up and Running FAST” ($397 Value)

  •  You'll receive my entire “Demonstration Series, including Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Pain Control” ($497 Value)

  • You’ll receive my “Foundations of Hypnosis and The Unconscious”  ($397 Value)

  • You'll receive my entire “Rapid Induction Immersion Training” ($497 Value)

  • Plus a fully downloadable manual to accompany you for the training ($150 Value) 


* All program segments are delivered during the normal training hours



Training times will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30pm-2:30pm beginning May 20th, 2019 via live webinars PST.  If you are unable to make the live training sessions at those hours, the webinars will be recorded and you can go through them or review them at your own pace within the time frames of the course.


If you've trained with me in NLP, and perhaps even been certified in various forms of hypnosis through my advanced courses, this particular course is equally important for you.


It will help you to powerfully tie together all of your previous learnings in hypnosis to take your game to a much much higher level of proficiency.  This is not what you learned at the the other trainings, but rather an all purpose methodology for delivering hypnotic coaching in a package that packs a powerful punch!  If you trained with me before your skills will be much higher after taking this course.


Upon successful completion of this dynamic jam-packed training, directly with me, Chris Howard, you will walk out certified in Transformational Hypnosis, which will give you the ability to either empower yourself to create the life you've endeavored to live or even begin a brand new career.


Many of our students who do this course professionally begin private consulting or coaching starting at $150 an hour or more directly following the course!  If your rates are already beyond that, it will just make you all the more powerful.


Still others do this course for the personal development and leadership skills which are powerful beyond measure!


PLUS!  As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a set of free tickets to join me live for my 2 1/2 day YOUR ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH seminar at anytime in 2019 in any of my U.S. locations valued at $3,600!


It's time to take your business and life to the stratosphere!





Claim your all inclusive training here but do it now, because this offer goes away on May 19th!!


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The Transformational Hypnosis Certification Training includes over 20 hours of direct online training from Chris Howard.  All sales are final.  In the case of a cancellation any refund would only occur if the cancellation were to occur within the 3 day cooling off period after the initial registration.

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