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Enroll Now Not For $4,997 But ONLY $2,500 when you enroll before April 5th!


Sale Lasts From March 15-April 5th ONLY!  After The 5th

The Shopping Cart Closes

“NLP is the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.”
– Science Digest.


For the past 20 years I've been coaching and mentoring hundreds of thousands of people world wide helping them to master tools for accelerating human transformation.


While 70% of the people who register for these trainings do so just for the personal transformation, becoming certified in NLP was the major step that I took, and which you can take, to launch your career as a coach, consultant, speaker, thought leader and agent of transformation.


It was with the foundation of NLP that I was able to build an entire career path, and eventually grow to the point where I was speaking to thousands every weekend, and facilitating transformation at world-class levels.


I've been blessed to have coached and mentored hundreds of thousands of people over the years, and I have had the grand opportunity to participate the success of many of my clients.


As my time became more and more in demand it became increasingly difficult to be in all places at once.


IN that spirit I am officially launching a once in a life time opportunity to become certified from wherever you are in the world, directly from me in NLP.



Howard 098T.jpg

NOW for the FIRST TIME EVER - you have the opportunity to train with me LIVE ONLINE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and to be certified directly by me as a:


Certified NLP Results Coach

Certified Ericksonian Hypnotist

Certified Neuro Design Engineer


In this powerful and life-changing 4 month program you will learn:



- How to take your rapport with your unconscious mind to an entirely new powerful level

- How to create instant rapport with others

- How to wipe out life long problems that people experience in a matter of moments

- How to help people get rid of major negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt within minutes

- How to wipe out phobias in the flash of an eye

- The secrets to permanently removing internal conflicts that stop people dead in their tracks in their relationships, career, finance and health

- Techniques to help people destroy limiting decisions such as "I can't make a lot of money," or "I can't have a great relationship," or "I'll never reach my ideal weight"

- Mastery of language: how to move the hearts and minds of people to masterfully facilitate transformation

- Powerful strategies for creating what you want in any situation and helping others to do the same




Calvin Coyles was a 22 year old fresh out of University, who knew that he was well studied from a school perspective but lacked the specific tools of transformational coaching. Calvin had a goal of doing $100,000 in his first year in business. After training with my companies, and becoming certified in hypnosis and the tools for transformation, Calvin created a training company by following the the methodologies and principles exactly. Calvin did $100,000 within his first 3 months of operations, and $800,000 his first year in business; all while running his business in exotic locations and loving life to the max! I asked him HOW he did it and he responded "I just did everything you said."


Are those the kind of Breakthroughs YOU'RE looking for?

Join us for the NLP Results Certification!


This program is a LIVE NLP Results Certification training designed to take your foundational NLP, conversational hypnosis and coaching skills to the highest levels - based on the principles that I've developed and researched over these two decades.


My NLP RESULTS certification courses are priced at $4,997 per training and require 5-7 days live in person, in the United States, to complete. Right now for this extraordinary offer you have the opportunity to train with me from wherever you are in the world, and to be certified directly from the person who built the largest NLP and Hypnosis training company on the planet, and to do it at half the price!


In most coaching programs you do not work directly with the leader themselves but rather with coaches who oftentimes have a minimal amount of training teaching principles passed down through "Chinese Whispers."


The students who have trained with me will attest that the value is 10 times more than the $4,997 tuitions.


However MY GOAL in launching this FLASH SALE which will ONLY LAST from March 15 to April 5th of 2019 is to dramatically reduce the tuition rate - for YOU when you choose to join our group of lifestyle entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, business owners, people in life transition, educators, coaches, and consultants on the educational adventure of a lifetime during this FLASH SALE. 




Here’s 8 of the amazing course segments you’ll get in my NLP RESULTS Certification:

  • You'll receive my “Submodalities Mastery” ($597 Value)

  • You'll receive my “Anchoring System for Emotional Transformation” ($597 Value)

  • You'll receive my “Ericksonian Hypnosis Program For Ultimate Conversational Change” ($597 Value)

  • You'll receive my “Secrets of Breaking The Chains of The Past Revealed” ($697 Value)

  • You'll receive my "Congruency System - For Wiping Out Internal Conflicts FAST” ($597 Value)

  • You'll receive my entire “Demonstration Series, including ALL NLP Foundational Techniques ($697 Value)

  • You’ll receive my “Foundations of Transformation and The Unconscious”  ($397 Value)

  • You'll receive my entire “Behavioral Change Immersion Training” ($597 Value)

  • Plus a fully downloadable 300 page manual to accompany you for the training ($250 Value) 


* All course segments are delivered during the normal training hours


In addition you'll receive the following Bonuses to support your comprehensive education:


- 16 - forty minute downloadable instructional MP3's to support your 40 hours of education through the live webinars

(Value $397)

- 16 - 1 hour video training segments to support your 40 hours of education through the live webinars (Value $597)


For a combined total of over 72 hours of training in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Neuro Design Engineering directly from me!  Homeplay and Study brings the entire training to 120 hours of training!



Live Training times will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm-3:30pm beginning April 16th, 2019 via live webinars PST.  If you are unable to make the live training sessions at those hours, the webinars will be recorded and you can go through them or review them at your own pace within the time frames of the course.


If you've already trained with me in NLP, and perhaps even been certified in various forms of hypnosis through my advanced courses, this particular course is equally important for you, as for the first time you may be doing your training directly with me personally.


It will help you to powerfully tie together all of your previous learnings in NLP to take your game to a much much higher level of proficiency.  If you trained with me before your skills will be much higher after taking this course.


Upon successful completion of this dynamic jam-packed training, directly with me, Chris Howard, you will walk out certified in NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Neuro Design Engineering which will give you the ability to either empower yourself to create the life you've endeavored to live or even begin a brand new career.


Many of our students who do this course professionally begin private consulting or coaching starting at $300 an hour or more directly following the course!  If your rates are already beyond that, it will just make you all the more powerful.


Still others do this course for the personal development and leadership skills which are powerful beyond measure!


PLUS!  As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a set of free tickets to join me live for my 2 1/2 day YOUR ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH seminar at anytime in 2019 in any of my U.S. locations valued at $3,600!


It's time to take your business and life to the stratosphere!





Claim your all inclusive training here but do it now, because this offer goes away on April 5th!!


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The NLP RESULTS Certification Training includes over 40 hours of live online training from Chris Howard.  All sales are final.  In the case of a cancellation any refund would only occur if the cancellation were to occur within the 3 day cooling off period after the initial registration.

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