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For the first time ever two powerful trainings woven together to help you become the highest evolved expression of yourself!


                                           Rich Heart | Wealthy Mind | Warrior Spirit


Do you ever find yourself wondering...

What is my purpose in life?


What path can I take to get there?

Imagine if you could feel the richness of love and passion in your heart of knowing exactly what you purpose or mission was in life while at the same time knowing you have the knowledge and skill and personal mastery needed to make it happen. That is exactly what you will get during the extraordinary multi-day experience that is


Rich Heart | Wealthy Mind.

You will cast off the ache of wondering, “Why am I here?”, “What is my purpose?”, “What is the right path to get me there?” Instead you will finally discover and truly know what you were destined to do and be able to map a path that will let you live your life with passion, richness of experience, joy, wealth and abundance.

You will experience a phenomenal series of subconscious reprogramming techniques and tools to install those beliefs and habits within yourself to turn your boldest dreams into the reality of your rich life and lifestyle that you desire and have always truly deserved.

You will learn:

Exactly what your life’s purpose and mission is and be able to enjoy the richness of experience that brings your heart To identify, share and create your ultimate Vision for creating the life of your dreams for yourself, those you love the most and the world

To step forward on a path of power, wealth and abundance that will lead you to the creation of your wildest dreams and desires

Subconscious Re-programming techniques that will enable you to master your mind and behaviours
How to eliminate fear and doubt so you can move toward your desired future

How to create and live a step-by-step plan to manifest your destiny and how to stay on track to bring you there faster than ever imagined

And much, much more!

What is the value of knowing you are living your life on purpose every single day... and what is the cost of not living your purpose?

Warrior Spirit

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The Warrior Spirit is a powerful metaphor for qualities of courage, responsibility, conviction, commitment and passion that you will develop over this intense multi-day experience. You will learn and develop the power to face any challenge and stand up in the face of any adversity to triumph on a level never thought possible. Whether you want to achieve in only on a personal level or in your business goals or in all aspects of life: business, personal, health, financial wealth, family, connection etc... The Warrior Spirit is your path to ultimate victory and a richness of life that only a few truly live.

This intense multi-day experience will bring you face to face with the true powerful leader you can become. Through powerful Subconscious Reprogramming techniques, Cognitive Profiling and experiential training and games you will learn to embody the leadership qualities and skills of the world’s greatest leaders and influencers.

You will experience a revolution in your business or career communication, negotiation, ability to sell with heart and passion, influence and persuasion. The true richness of your personal and professional relationships will be enhanced as you discover old patterns of limitation and replace them with new ways of embracing the true strength and power you possess.

In a turbo-charged series of experiential learning games, simulations and processes interspersed with powerful content and teachings you will be challenged time and time again to truly blast through any limitation and overcome any obstacle to create a richness of experience, to create the wealth and abundance for yourself and those you love the most in every aspect and area of your life.

You will be ready to face any challenge, stand up in the face of any adversity and


You will learn:

- How to become a charismatic, magnetic and influential leader

- How to get into the heads of the world’s most powerful, successful or richest people in order to accelerate your own success

- A powerful process for negotiating any outcome in business or your personal life so that all parties get what they want

- How to identify limiting patterns of behaviour in yourself and others and to replace them with new behaviors to drive you forward

- How to create or enhance the effectiveness, morale and loyalty of any Team and have them all achieving any goal or dream through complete alignment of purpose

- An incredibly powerful model for sales that can be applied to personal dreams, beliefs and desires as easily as it is to your business and career wealth and profit

- And much, much more!


These training/coaching programs are delivered weekly throughout the entire year* in the privacy of your own home or office.  If you miss a session, you can catch it after the fact in the members section of our website.


Enroll Now and Receive:

Your Personal Breakthrough (Insert YPB Image) $197  FREE! plus shipping and handling

Design Your Destiny C.D. Set (Insert YPB Image) $250  FREE!  plus shipping and handling

A $447 Fast-Acting Bonus Value!

Payment Option:

Tuition Downpayment = First and Last Month's $200 = $400 Down

and then easy $200 payments monthly on the same payment method

One Year Paid in Advance:

Normally $2,400 when paid in advance ONLY $2,000!

You Save $400!

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  • Rich Heart | Wealthy Mind | Warrior Spirit

  • Billionaire Bootcamp

  • Transformational Leader and Coach Certification


You Train 3 Hours a Week Directly With Chris Howard

Payment Option:

Tuition Downpayment = First and Last Month's $600 = $1,200 Down

and then $600 easy payments monthly on the same payment method

One Year Paid in Advance:

Normally $7,200 when paid in advance ONLY $6,000!

You Save $1,200!

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*Dates are and days of the month are subject to change but the monthly hours will always be delivered within a one month time frame.

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