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Remember, at any time, in the flash of an eye, your life can become truly LEGENDARY!  

YOUR Breakthrough to Success with Chris Howard!​

The secret to creating wealth on every level has nothing to do with what you get, but rather what you give.


Learn how to unleash the hidden gifts and value that you have within yourself in order to create value in the world that is able to transmute itself into untold riches in your life. It's time to create a world wealth revolution.


As we stand up as leaders to become a shining light of possibility we become the pace setters for the next generation. Together we have the ability to transform the world.


Most people play small in life, rather than becoming the divine expression of their highest possible purpose they shrink in fear and only reach a fraction of their true potential.


During this mind blowing FOUR DAY event you are going to identify everything that has prevented you from stepping up both on the conscious level and the unconscious level. Breakthrough your barriers to success and gain massive propulsion forward as you learn to share your unique gifts and talents with the world and you are able to contribute in the most profound ways in order to create the life of your dreams.


You will be experiencing a breakthrough experience that takes you on a roller coaster ride of imagination as you utilize the bleeding edge tools and sciences for sculpting the world and the likeness of your dreams.

Additionally you will be learning how to bring out the best in yourself AND others!  You will be walking out with an 8-step process for creating long-lasting transformation and shifts in consciousness in people that will make you an extraordinary Transformational Coach.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be certified as an Associate Neuro Design Engineer and an NDE Transformational Coach!

Register Yourself For This Amazing Event!

Register Your GUEST For This Amazing Event!

YOUR Breakthrough to Success with Chris Howard! comes with the following bonuses:


  • The Legendary Living Daily  - 365 days of inspiration, motivation, and direction on your life path!

  • The Million Dollar Business Propulsion Program - a multi-media program designed to help you look at your life in a brand new way and open doorways of possibility that perhaps you didn’t even know were closed!

  • YOUR Breakthrough Call With A Certified Chris Howard Coach 

  • A Ticket to the Live Event YOUR Breakthrough to Success with Chris Howard!

  • ONE FREE BONUS ACCESS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE FOR A FRIEND OF YOUR CHOICE when they register within the next week!!



I am thrilled and privileged to be a part of your journey!


I am very grateful for your contribution in keeping the great program going - it’s only with YOU that the magic can occur.


You’re going to discover that through the act of your contribution you are about to receive more than you EVER could have possibly dreamed of in return!

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the transformational adventure of a lifetime!!


A couple of things that you’ll need to do and/or be aware of in order to get started with your transformation:


Our emails will be delivered from  so - the first thing to do is make sure that you “whitelist” our email so that it goes to your regular email box rather than to a secondary folder or spam folder.  Your email provider can help you with this, or simply make sure that if you ever see an email from us in Spam, you mark NOT SPAM.


  • Secondly, we will automatically be adding you to the group for The Legendary Living Daily, so you can expect to begin seeing these in your inbox starting right away.  I don’t know about you, but for me, unless I start my day, by consciously taking charge of my thinking and focus - all bets are off, and they could very well end up spiraling in negative and un-useful ways.  So the Legendary Living Daily, is like a cross between a fortune cookie, an astrological forecast lol and solid inspirational and transformational tips to weave into your life on a daily basis in order to get the most out of life.  Incremental changes over time, can equal HUGE TRANSFORMATION.  So consider this a full years coaching program.  Isn’t it time to kick your life up to the next level?!


  • Thirdly, in order to receive access to The Million Dollar Business Propulsion System - All you need to do is Click Here   and enter your name and email address and you’ll gain instant access to this program.  This particular program can be done in less than a week and is a great kick-start to getting everything going in your overall program - even if you are not looking to launch a business the information is very powerful in terms of being able to look at life in a brand new way, and whether it helps you - or somebody you love, you’ll know that you’re in the right place.  The Million Dollar Business Propulsion program includes video’s and audio hypnotic processes.  Make sure to play full out with these and you’ll be thrilled with the results!  Also within The Million Dollar Business Propulsion program, or at the bottom of the Legendary Living Daily emails you will find the opportunity to book your private 1 hour session with me.  This session, you should look to book out at least a week from the time that you book, in order to ensure that you’ve gone through all of the steps included in The Million Dollar Business Propulsion System  first.  As that can help to best prepare you for the conversation.  But DO MAKE SURE TO BOOK YOUR PRIVATE SESSION!

  • Fourthly, our live event YOUR Breakthrough To Success with Chris Howard a four day event that goes each day from 9am-6pm  So mark the dates in your calendar as this is the beginning of an entirely new realm of possibility for you as well as everyone you touch.


  • Finally, as part of your donation, you have the ability to invite one friend at no additional charge to the entire package.  Some of you have already registered your guests, if you are receiving this as a guest yourself, then this of course would not apply to you.  If you made the donation for this package and you have yet to register your guest, please do so immediately as you have only one week to get these guests name in.  We want the entire group with us, for the entire journey in order to best facilitate the entire transformational experience!  

That covers most everything!  Remember this program is like a refrigerator, you only get out of it, what you put into it.  So show up and give the process the reverence it deserves and you will find that miracles can begin in your life that will blow you away.  I’ve had the good fortune to have coached thousands upon thousands of people all over the world over the course of 20 years, and I’ve been blessed to have seen many of my students, clients and friends build million dollar fortunes, create dream relationships, travel the world, stop living to work and start working to live, become best-selling authors, become celebrities and even buy an island here and there.


Your life on your terms.  That’s what this all about.  




Jump onto getting any steps you need to get done above, and I look forward to meeting with you soon for YOUR BREAKTHROUGH TO SUCCESS!


With Love and Respect,

Chris Howard

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