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Breakthrough to Success Welcome Webinar


Founder and Spiritual Director | Agape International Spiritual Center 

Featured in The Secret


“Are you ready to commit to deepening your understanding and application of the metaphysical laws that govern the universe in the area of limitless abundance? The results you will receive from Chris Howard’s seminars are priceless!

Chris Howard has the heart of greatness. His seminars resonate with people at a very deep level and manifest abundance.”



"Dear Chris,

It is in a spirit of deep gratitude that I write you to catch you up on my totally charmed life that  I have created since Billionaire Bootcamp.This has been one of the most remarkable years of my life.  Meeting you just over a year ago, attending Billionaire Bootcamp.  I have been taking transformational courses since 1992, but… at Billionaire Bootcamp, I shared that I was ready for my Public Relations company to work with some of the world’s greatest leaders and by doing so impact millions of lives around the world.   First came working with you, which has been a massive gift.


I attracted Rhonda Byrne of “The Secret” last Summer and was chosen to the be the PR company behind “The Secret” around the world.  That lead to the realization of my dream to take a client (“The Secret”) to the Oprah Winfrey Show… and as you know we are now in the middle of a global media frenzy about Rhonda Byrne and her film and book.  As if that wasn’t enough, I am on my way to tripling the revenues and size of my business, I am attracting all the right people–some very heavy hitters, and am having more Joy and Fun than ever.


Thank you once again for the difference you’ve made in my life… and in turn all of the lives around me… especially my two young children. You are a rock star Chris…

Love you bro…"


Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series


“Chris Howard is an extraordinary man. I am privileged to work closely with Chris on a number of spectacular projects.

Chris Howard’s seminars will accelerate your ability to master the illusive 95% of your mind that is not only unconscious… it is most often not in alignment with what you say you really want. Remember: “Life is a gift… everything else is a decision.” Catapult yourself into the future of your dreams and attend Chris’ seminars.

The life of your dreams is at stake!”

The Breakthrough to Success Seminar

November 16-19

Torrance, Marriott 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, CA.

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