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Billionaire Bootcamp (BBC)

This extraordinary, one of a kind, exclusive experience is the same content that Chris Howard used to go from being 70K in debt to making that much a month almost immediately and then to that much in a day and beyond! Always taught in PARADISE, often in the tropical islands of Hawaii, or the rainforest jungles of Belize or Cost Rica ... you will actually experience some of the most advanced skills of NDE to literally reprogram your mind in the style of the wealthiest people who ever walked the face of the earth. This is not about becoming them, but rather about learning how to shine the LIGHT of YOU in the absolute most powerful way in order to create wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine, one week of being hypnotized to think, act and create with the Billionaire Mindset. you will discover how to create the most incredible

lifestyle, while simultaneously sharing your unique gifts and message with the world in a way that transforms lives or even changes the world or transforms the planet for the better! This course is about massive expansion beyond even your own wildest dreams. While being programmed and conditioned with the strategies to back it up!


In this 5-day program you will transform at the deepest levels using the most powerful tools found to date, to dig up the deep unconscious blocks that perhaps you don't even know you have, and to replace them with the ideas, strategies and mindsets that can set you FREE, as well as those  who you love, for the rest of your lives!


You Will:


  • Learn how to remove all limits to the power of your own creation for the greatest levels of expansion in your business and personal life.

  • Reprogram your mind to think like the richest people throughout all time.

  • Replace old belief systems with upgrades that cause you to see oppertunity every where and to understand how to move forward in a way that makes you truly limitless.

  • Have installed at the unconscious level: the investment strategies of individuals such as Warren Buffet and Richard Branson and the decision making strategies of people like Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump.

  • Experience process after process after process for expanding your road maps of possibility at the unconscious level and propelling you forward toward far greater realms of achievement than you've ever imagined!



"I was able to almost triple my income in just 30 days as a result of working with Chris Howard. Not only did the work we did together impact my financial future, be he assisted me in finding my life's purpose. I am more on track and excited about life than ever before!


Jon Andre Bliss

Sales Professional 

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